You can only lead others where you yourself are willing to go. Lachlan McLean

My approach to leadership learning...

Is like day-to-day
leadership itself
• hands-on
• multi-dimensional
• interactive

My brand of leadership development engages the participant’s whole being 
• mind
• body 
• heart
• spirit

Building Shared Vision

Vision. Mission. Values. Goals.

How does your organization build vision? Does it inform employees of the results of senior management planning processes and expect employees to adopt the results as their own? Or are employees included in the process?

Building shared vision is an inclusive process. Every person in the organization has a stake in that vision and needs to be in alignment if the goal is to create a high performance culture. Not only do employees need to be in alignment, they want to be! Today’s workers want to participate in a corporate purpose that is greater than bottom-line profitability. They are seeking meaning and fulfillment in working towards the organization’s vision and mission.