Coaching isn't an addition to a leader’s job. It’s an integral part of it. George S. Odiome


My coaching is …

• client centered
• performance-
• outcome oriented

My coaching supports leadership development.

Learn about coaching    by being coached!    

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Welcome to Coaching

I am a Certified Executive Coach offering

Executive and Management Coaching
Team Coaching
Learning Integration Coaching
Lifestyle and Personal Coaching

Coaching is just in time learning that supports people to lead… themselves and others.

There is a growing awareness of the power of coaching.

Individuals and organizations use coaching to:

• Develop their human potential
• Support succession planning
• Develop skills in emerging leaders
• Enhance skills among existing leaders
• Fully engage the minds, hearts, talents and creativity of their people
• Create high performing organizations that are profitable and sustainable

Coaching FAQs

What is coaching?
What happens in coaching?
What is coaching used for?
What does the client bring to the partnership?

Coaching is the perfect complement to leadership training and development initiatives because it supports individuals to integrate what they have learned.

Coaching is transformational. When thinking shifts and changes, work and life are different. Coaching is the process that facilitates that internal shift; coaching works and the shift happens!