You can only lead others where you yourself are willing to go. Lachlan McLean

My approach to leadership learning...

Is like day-to-day
leadership itself
• hands-on
• multi-dimensional
• interactive

My brand of leadership development engages the participant’s whole being 
• mind
• body 
• heart
• spirit

Creating Agreement(s)

How do effective leaders manage conflict and create agreement?

Many people buy into the concept of creating win/win situations, yet when it comes to putting the desire into practice, it is difficult to “walk the talk.” Life and work is an ongoing process of creating agreements with, and making commitments to, others and oneself. Creating agreement is about gaining real buy-in and commitment from others, not just getting others to do what is wanted. When people are skilled at creating agreement, teamwork improves, communication is more effective, and conflict diminishes.

Conflict will always be a part of life and if managed positively it can be a constructive force. Many people feel unskilled in handling conflict, choosing to avoid the situation, which may lead to deeply rooted resentment and sabotage. Leaders must not only model effective conflict resolution, they must be skilled at supporting others to resolve conflict and create agreement. Knowledge and skill in interest-based negotiation is critical to effective leadership.