You can only lead others where you yourself are willing to go. Lachlan McLean


My approach to leadership learning...

Is like day-to-day
leadership itself
• hands-on
• multi-dimensional
• interactive
• authentic

My brand of leadership development engages the participant’s whole being 
• mind
• body 
• heart

• spirit

Leadership Consultation

I will partner with your organization to bring the best and most appropriate leadership learning into your organization.

My services

• Collaborative process design and leadership
• Leadership Needs Assessment
• Organisational Engagement
• Leadership Coaching (see Executive Coaching)
• Workshop Facilitation
• Post Program Evaluation and Coaching

Working with my network of highly skilled associates, I will respond to your needs with qualified, experienced program planners and facilitators.

What elements do we suggest be incorporated into custom designed leadership development programs?


Personal Accountability
Behavioral Style Recognition and Style 
Personal Mastery
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Building Shared Vision
Thriving on Change
Creating Agreements
Emotional Intelligence
Performance Development

Test your organization’s leadership
development IQ

What makes a great leader?

How are you enhancing your leadership potential?

What skills enhance leadership effectiveness?