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We are dynamic, professional facilitators with the skills, tools and processes to engage participants and create learning of lasting value.

We facilitate any process where an outside resource is required to create balance, synergy and full participation.

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Strategic Visioning --Creating purpose and direction

“One of the deepest desires underlying shared vision is the desire to be connected, to a larger purpose and to one another.”        Peter Senge

STRATEGIC VISIONING – What is it and why is it essential?
Successful strategic visioning is a facilitated process involving groups, teams, or the entire organization.

  • It engages the balanced and complete participation from stakeholders
  • Aligns values, goals and action
  • Creates shared frameworks for decision making and problem solving
  • Injects synergy and creativity into day to day functions
  • Engages the commitment and the unique resources of each member of the organization
  • Creates environments where people feel aligned and committed to shared action and results
  • It mobilizes!

One day or many, our team will work with you to design and facilitate a process that is built on a proven framework:

Stage 1: Laying the groundwork

  • Creating a process plan
  • Defining driving issues
  • Defining roles, setting ground rules
  • Defining key stakeholders
  • Engaging top management in a clear sponsorship role

Stage 2: Discerning history and context

  • Creating a context graphic of relevant environment
  • Identifying core competencies and values
  • Analyzing Industry Structure
  • Contracting outcomes

Stage 3: Discovery - Chaos and Creativity

  • Appreciative Inquiry -- engage the intuition and feelings of participants
  • Uncovering strengths, problems, opportunities, and threats of the current organization
  • Building organizational metaphors
  • Identifying benchmarks and potential success models
  • Interviewing customers, stakeholders and others for their perspectives
  • Agreeing on trends, assumptions, and imperatives

Stage 4: Emergent Vision

  • Distilling the most powerful and vivid vision elements
  • Defining lead values
  • Locating passions and commitment
  • Creating the vision map
  • Setting concrete goals and milestones

Stage 5: Creating Strategies

  • Identifying future scenarios and testing the vision against them
  • Achieve a quantum shift in direction by aligning
    • People and resources
    • Communications and management information flow
    • Policy and procedure framework
    • Technology capabilities to support management
    • Establishing the decision making framework

Stage 6: Evolving Systems

  • Action teams for each key strategy
  • Launching initiatives aimed at implementing key strategies
  • Progress monitoring and feedback
  • Success celebration

Stage 7: Living the Vision

  • Integrating the Strategic Vision with business planning and objective-setting
  • Identifying and initiating critical "enactments" of commitments made in the strategic vision
  • Updating and using graphic visions as a major communications tool
  • Vision renewal and refinement