Coaching isn’t an addition to a leader’s job. It’s an integral part of it. George S. Odiome

I am a
Royal Roads University Certified Executive Coach

My Services

• Executive Coaching
• Team Coaching
• Integration
• Lifestyle Coaching

My coaching is
• client centred
• performance focused
• outcome oriented

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What happens in Coaching?

Coaching is one-on-one relationship with an executive, a manager, an individual or with a group of individuals working as a team. Coaching focuses on areas vital to effectiveness and future performance. This highly customized process optimizes leadership ability and improves bottom-line results.

Based on needs, the process includes:

360° Feedback and other Assessments: Self-awareness is the key to success. Coaching. Strengths, challenges and growth areas are explored using the most appropriate profiling instruments and organizational feedback tools.

Action Planning: The coach guides the client through a discovery process to help develop and implement a personalized action plan to reach goals. The coach probes and challenges the client' thought processes to clarify and strengthen the executive’s ideas.

Validation and Sustaining Success: Coaching sets performance benchmarks and tracks progress and success. Acting as a conscience, the coach supports the client in remaining accountable for his or her choices.

Providing Emotional Support: The coach supports the change process and thereby bolsters the courage and resolve needed to initiate and sustain positive development and change.

Creating Balance: The coach assists in connecting thoughts with actions in order to find a balance between professional and personal goals. The coach supports action for optimum performance and sustainability.