The path to greatness is along with others.  Baltazar Gracion

My workshops come bundled with learning integration coaching. Coaching helps learners navigate the gap between workshop learning and successfully bringing new practices back to their work.

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  Coaching Clinic® – 

Giving leaders the
coaching skills they
need to adopt a coach approach in their work.

The Coaching Clinic®

The Coaching Clinic© is a two day seminar designed for executives, managers, human resource, and quality development professionals to experience and learn coaching skills and competencies. Participants can immediately apply their powerful new coaching skills within their own company or organization.

The Coaching Clinic© is a dynamic, participative program offering a fully developed model which can be implemented immediately to:

  • Promote innovation and accelerate results
  • Effectively develop and retain valuable organizational members
  • Improve organizational communication and team effectiveness
  • Deepen commitment to personal, professional and organizational goals

    Participants come to the workshop with real life business situations and issues to be used as topics in seven skill practicing sessions throughout the two-day Clinic.

    The Coaching Clinic® Agenda

    Day One

    Being a Coach
    • A model of trust and creating ‘coachable moments”
    • Personal paradigm shifts
    • Coaching within the organizational context

    The Step Process of Coaching in the Workplace
    • The Coaching Conversation Model®

    The Tool Chest of Coaching Skills
    • Contextual Listening®
    • Discovery Questioning®

    Day Two

    The Tool Chest of Coaching Skills (continued)
    • Messaging
    • Acknowledging and Celebrating

    Personal Coaching Styles Inventory® (PCSI)
    • Defining your personal style and the styles of others
    • Coaching across styles

    Implementing Coaching in the Workplace
    • Creating a powerful definition of coaching
    • Coaching to commitment
    • Challenges to coaching
    • Creating an action plan for implementing
    • Follow-up and peer coaching

    Though the Coaching Clinic® is designed to be delivered in two full days, it can also be customized to fit your organization’s specific time requirements.