You can only lead others where you yourself are willing to go. Lachlan McLean

My approach to leadership learning...

Is like day-to-day
leadership itself
• hands-on
• multi-dimensional
• interactive

My brand of leadership development engages the participant’s whole being 
• mind
• body 
• heart
• spirit

How are you enhancing the potential of your leaders?

Research has shown that people do not leave their organization; they leave their boss. This is equally true for companies considered to be "great" companies. Employees are looking for managers who value their opinion and contribution and encourage their development. To feel engaged in the workplace, employees look to leaders who are able to flex their leadership style based on the situation along with the diverse needs of their direct reports.

What is your organization doing to develop its emerging leaders? The post-boomer generation, the Gen-Xers, places high value on personal growth and development. Many professionals seek out organizations that hold these principles as corporate values. High performing professionals long to be challenged and learn to improve their practice. They look for organizations that will nurture and enhance their potential. The cost to replace employees is estimated to be a minimum of twice their annual salary. What is your organization doing to retain the talent within its ranks right now?

Perhaps you have decided to take a serious look at leadership development within your organization and you are not sure where to begin. Perhaps your leadership needs are clear and you require design and development assistance to launch an effective program. Maybe you have a program in place and are wondering what your next steps should be.

Here’s where I can help. Working with a network of highly skilled associates, we will respond to your needs with qualified experienced program planners and facilitators who can assist you with all phases of the planning and delivery of your leadership program, from needs assessment to program delivery.