Coaching isn’t an addition to a leader’s job. It’s an integral part of it. George S. Odiome

I am a
Royal Roads University Certified Executive Coach

My Services

• Executive Coaching
• Team Coaching
• Integration
• Lifestyle Coaching

My coaching is
• client centred
• performance focused
• outcome oriented

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What is coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative partnership: Built on a foundation of trust, rapport and confidentiality, the coaching experience leads to greater clarity, increased competency and extraordinary results.

Coaching is discovery through questions: A coach probes and challenges using powerful, open-ended questions encouraging discovery and deeper levels of understanding and meaning.

Coaching is a highly tuned listening conversation: A coach listens for what is being said and what lies beneath what is said. A coach reframes what is being heard, supporting awareness and shifts in thinking.

Coaching extracts wisdom: A coach draws out and reflects back the wisdom that emerges over the course of a coaching conversation, enabling the client to consider a variety of perspectives.

Coaching is commitment to action: A coach facilitates the fashioning of options and strategies that lead to choice and commitment.

Coaching offers rich feedback: A coach provides, without evaluation or judgment, observations about what the coach has seen and heard as a means of stimulating insight and learning.

Coaching supports skill development: A coach provides valuable tools and resources to assist in learning and integrating new skills.

Coaching is a powerful alliance: The coach provides support for the process of change, and acts as a conscience to create accountability.